Why Pets are Humanity’s Greatest Gift

Did you know that people with pets are likely to live longer than those without them? Pets have a huge comforting effect both psychologically and physically (petting their soft fur is soothing). Not to mention, they provide a sense of companionship that clears away the loneliness of your days. Secrets are a thing that petsContinue reading “Why Pets are Humanity’s Greatest Gift”

Adventures in Online Classes

With the world being shut down suddenly and schools, theatres, malls etc being closed we had to come up with solutions to fix these problems. And unfortunately for schools, we came up with online classes. Online classes are school but all the fun aspects of it removed. Online classes focus entirely on academics (as expected),Continue reading “Adventures in Online Classes”

BTS: Journey to stardom

BTS, (방탄소년단), a South-Korean boy band that debuted on 13th of June 2013. BTS is a seven-member group whose music focuses on spreading the vital message of loving oneself. The seven of them come from small-towns in South-Korea and started small. Yes, the multimillion-selling, stadium-filling superstars were regarded as flops in their debut days. PeopleContinue reading “BTS: Journey to stardom”