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My First MUN

So about a couple of weeks ago, I attended my first ever MUN. I was uncertain but also excited about it as I had never done anything of the sort ever before. I had entered into the ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) committee with a friend of mine, who had done many MUNs. It happenedContinue reading “My First MUN”

The Process of Writing

Believe it or not, the process of writing is incredibly dull sometimes. Sometimes it is exhilarating and the writer in you comes out and then there are times when you just have to go get ‘inspiration’ something from another person (do not do this). Sometimes you tend to write simply, and sometimes you use longContinue reading “The Process of Writing”

Persona: The Three Faces

Our personalities can be compared to onions, there are so many different layers to us that even we lose count at times. (Don’t worry you’re not an actual onion inside.) But there are three major layers to one’s persona; namely, the persona that is shown to everyone, the persona shown to those closest to youContinue reading “Persona: The Three Faces”

History of Japan

This time, let’s visit the far-east, and voyage to the land of the rising sun, Japan. From the Jomon and the Yayoi to the technological and cultural giant that it is today, how did Japan develop in the last 100,000 years through war, religion, ideas and more? Let’s take a quick dive into it. LastingContinue reading “History of Japan”

Fashion is an Art

Fashion isn’t as simple as throwing on a fancy dress, makeup and shoes together for an occasion. Fashion is a daily phenomenon and an integral part of our life and it can be seen everywhere, all over the world. To put it succinctly, fashion is an art. There are also various types of fashions andContinue reading “Fashion is an Art”

An Embarrassing Day

My school used to have assemblies every Monday, and every time, a different class would be assigned to prepare something for that day. And it happened to be my class’ turn to present something to the school the next Monday. Our class shuffled through many ideas, ultimately settling on the topic of discrimination. We hadContinue reading “An Embarrassing Day”

Adventures in Online Classes

With the world being shut down suddenly and schools, theatres, malls etc being closed we had to come up with solutions to fix these problems. And unfortunately for schools, we came up with online classes. Online classes are school but all the fun aspects of it removed. Online classes focus entirely on academics (as expected),Continue reading “Adventures in Online Classes”


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