Why calling someone ‘gifted’ can actually hurt them

I’m sure everyone has either had someone close to them be called ‘gifted’ or have been called ‘gifted’ themselves at some point in their lives. These very ‘gifted’ children can, later on, feel like failures when they reach their early college years. Now let me explain what a gifted child exactly is. A gifted child is aContinue reading “Why calling someone ‘gifted’ can actually hurt them”

It’s Not “Chinky”, it’s “Indian”.

Whenever we see a person around us that looks East-Asian, or from the North-East, our first reaction is usually: “Hey look, a chinky”. Now let me tell you the negative effects of this, and the sub-conscious/ conscious ostracisation we do to people that look conventionally East-Asian. Racism was something that was definitely brought along withContinue reading “It’s Not “Chinky”, it’s “Indian”.”

That Time My Student Nightmare Came True

It’s exam day. The halls are bustling with people trying to get in as much last-minute revision before the bell rang as they could. I, of course, was one of those people. The difference? I was studying the wrong subject. So let me backtrack a little and tell you the whole story. It was in sixthContinue reading “That Time My Student Nightmare Came True”

Genshin Impact: A Gateway to Gacha

Overview Genshin Impact is a game that has recently taken the world by storm. Reaching a billion dollars in revenue within just six months of release, it is one of the fastest grossing mobile games. Made by miHoYo, a Chinese videogame developer based in Shanghai, Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG (role-play game) starring theContinue reading “Genshin Impact: A Gateway to Gacha”

Why Pets are Humanity’s Greatest Gift

Did you know that people with pets are likely to live longer than those without them? Pets have a huge comforting effect both psychologically and physically (petting their soft fur is soothing). Not to mention, they provide a sense of companionship that clears away the loneliness of your days. Secrets are a thing that petsContinue reading “Why Pets are Humanity’s Greatest Gift”