Why Pets are Humanity’s Greatest Gift

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Did you know that people with pets are likely to live longer than those without them? Pets have a huge comforting effect both psychologically and physically (petting their soft fur is soothing). Not to mention, they provide a sense of companionship that clears away the loneliness of your days. Secrets are a thing that pets excel at keeping, and I tell everything to my dog, from secrets to people I hate, to my problems, and he sits there the whole time, his eyes tender and expressive, as if he could understand every word I said! I like dogs much more than cats for the simple reason that they’re just much more expressive with what they’re feeling and show love more openly than most cats would. Of course, cats are cute too, and I’m sure some cats show love honestly, but I love dogs much more since I live with one. Breeze, my dog, isn’t the most active and certainly isn’t the life of the party most of the time, but just his presence in the house makes it feel complete and warm. Pets are natural stress relievers. Anxiety, depression, stress, loneliness, you name it. It always helps to have someone around to support you when you’re feeling vulnerable and scared. And pets sometimes have a presence that is far more comforting than any other persons’. Pets are an invaluable part of our lives and if you don’t have one, here’s a couple of reasons why everyone who can get a pet, should get one.

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The benefits of living with a pet are many and outweigh the cons. Larger pets like dogs require exercise, thus forcing you off the couch and helping in improving your health, even if it’s only a little, going on walks, jogs, drives etc. Pets also assist you on a deeper level, like learning how to love and care for others and loyalty. Pets tend to be reflections of their owners, just as children are, and thus pets always have an enormous place in our hearts. We worry about them when they’re sick, are always happy to see them, and care for them as if they were our children. And above all, they give us hope. Something to live for, someone to love, someone to hold during your darkest times, and just the feeling of going home, knowing that someone will be waiting for you is beautiful. Pets are truly a priceless treasure that I honestly feel we don’t deserve at times.

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Pets are not greedy (except for treats of course) and show selfless love, and love us no matter we scold them or praise them. They expect nothing in return and are loyal to a fault. These two traits are what I feel are the most crucial elements that we should learn from them. Of course, some of the downsides are that you have to always be home on time, and the responsibility of owning a pet is great.
These were just some of the reasons why I feel that everyone should own a pet. Even if someone hates or dislikes pets, just by spending a little time with one, I’m sure that even the most hardened person will be melted away.

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