Body Positivity

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In this era of unrealistic body proportions and double standards, many people have forgotten how to care for and love themselves. We’re so caught up in having the perfect body line, the perfect face, eye and nose shape that we completely disregard our own mental health while chasing after these unrealistic goals. Toxic trends like TikTok’s diet
culture needs to stop, people that criticize others based on their body types need to stop.
Telling a person that their weight defines their beauty and shaming them for something they may already not be confident about is downright cruel. Be it skinny shaming, fat-shaming or any type or form of body shaming. Even if it’s just something as small a tiny bump on their nose, acne or a pimple or two, it can send their confidence level crashing downhill. Let’s talk about the TikTok ‘diet’ trend first. These diets are, from what I’ve seen, made by young kids who are, in all probability, way too inexperienced to tell people ‘diet hacks’. Kids making these so-called ‘educational’ or ‘motivational’ videos for other kids is certainly not the best idea. When an under-confident, young impressionable mind watches some girl dancing or a boy showing off his body, and her thin waist or his flat stomach gets revealed, that person may feel a sense of inferiority and feel that their body isn’t beautiful or attractive according to society’s standards. Eventually what happens is that, that person’s self-esteem plummets, leading to comments on such TikToks like: “guess I’m not
eating today”, or other self-deprecating comments/humour which is not a healthy
environment for anyone. It also tends to drag people into under-eating which can have
disastrous results on your health. Eating is one of the most crucial parts of our daily routines. The minimum amount of calories one should ingest per day is 1400 kcal. Any less and you’d be under-fueling yourself.

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Instagram models and influencers who use photoshop to edit their photos to fit society’s standards, while telling people to love themselves and try to spread body positivity are basically contradicting themselves by doing these activities, making them hypocrites. If you’re going to tell others to do something, you should do it yourself as well. Challenges such as the Tumblr thigh gap challenge, can you wrap your hand around your wrist challenge, or tying earphones around your waist challenge etc. are simply toxic trends and people need to stop making these. Whatever our body type may be, we need to be taught to love ourselves instead of being told: your body isn’t a perfect hourglass? That makes you ugly. You aren’t buff and don’t have abs? You’re ugly. Hating our bodies and ourselves for being who we are isn’t okay and people have to stop pretending that it’s some
sort of quirky trait because it’s not. Nowadays, hating oneself has become so common that when somebody confident in their looks turns up and say, posts a picture of
themselves happy and comfortable in their skin, some immediately jump to the conclusion that, that person is narcissistic and overconfident etc. We must end the normalization of this kind of behaviour and start teaching self-love to people. We can learn how to appreciate others’ beauty without minimizing our own. And beautiful people will keep on
coming up everywhere, but that doesn’t make you any less beautiful. We have to remember
that beauty standards keep changing and that it has no definite shape. We’re all beautiful in our own way, no matter our race, our weight, our nationality or gender. Remember, you can’t hate yourself into something you love, so let’s start loving ourselves.

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