Welcome to Riaville!

Welcome to Riaville! This is just a casual blog for putting my thoughts about various topics out into the world. Enjoy!

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Empathy: A Lost Art?

A few years ago, when I was in the first or second grade, a video of a pig trying to get some cookies had gone viral. The pig struggles endlessly and tries its absolute hardest to get the cookies but fails to do so in the end. It was a video titled “Ormie the Pig”.Continue reading “Empathy: A Lost Art?”

Drabbles I Wrote

Hello readers! This time’s post won’t be an article talking about something, but instead, as the title says, some drabbles. Now a drabble is just a short work of fiction, usually a standalone. These are some of the ones I’ve written a while back. I hope you enjoy them! End of the world: My ideaContinue reading “Drabbles I Wrote”

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