Welcome to Riaville!

Welcome to Riaville! This is just a casual blog for putting my thoughts about various topics out into the world. Enjoy!

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Fashion is an Art

Fashion isn’t as simple as throwing on a fancy dress, makeup and shoes together for an occasion. Fashion is a daily phenomenon and an integral part of our life and it can be seen everywhere, all over the world. To put it succinctly, fashion is an art. There are also various types of fashions andContinue reading “Fashion is an Art”

An Embarassing Day

My school used to have assemblies every Monday, and every time, a different class would be assigned to prepare something for that day. And it happened to be my class’ turn to present something to the school the next Monday. Our class shuffled through many ideas, ultimately settling on the topic of discrimination. We hadContinue reading “An Embarassing Day”

Adventures in Online Classes

With the world being shut down suddenly and schools, theatres, malls etc being closed we had to come up with solutions to fix these problems. And unfortunately for schools, we came up with online classes. Online classes are school but all the fun aspects of it removed. Online classes focus entirely on academics (as expected),Continue reading “Adventures in Online Classes”

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